• Client – Christopher Guy
  • Industry – Luxury Furniture
  • Date – 2022

Christoper Guy is the creator of the world’s most fabulous lifestyles, a contemporary mood with timeless values. Their furniture’s design element embodies two cherished characteristics – disciplined artistry and sturdy workmanship. I was brought in through a third-party agency called Brand Ambassador to help with a few months of digital and social media campaign work.


Their target audience was people in Los Angeles and New York whose income was in the top 5% of the country and who like luxury goods. From there the goals were to;

    • Create brand awareness through online ads by geo-targeting specific audiences.
    • Build, engage and inform target audiences through various social media platforms.

Because of the short timeline and budget, my measurable objectives were;

    • Obtain 1,500 web clicks through the online ads.
    • Have the online Reach 50,000 people.
    • Have the online Impressions reach 100,000 people.

Below are the strategies and tactics that I used.

    • Social Media Ad Buying: Brand Ambassador gave me photos to use. From there I created the text and set up social media ads on both Facebook and Instagram.
    • Google AdWords: I researched KeyWords, created text, and set up Google ads to appear on the first page of a Google Search.

Below were the final results.

  • Total Cost Per Click: $0.82
  • Total Click Through Rate: 6.2%
  • Total Clicks: 3,250
  • Total Reach: 54,875
  • Total Impressions: 216,268

Overall, success was seen within the two-month period. The total Clicks saw a 116.67%+ increase from the original measurable objective. Total Reach saw a 9.75%+ increase from the original measurable objective. While total Impressions saw a 116.27%+ increase from the original measurable objective.