• Client – Precision Prep
  • Industry – Meal Prep / B2C
  • Date – 2020

Because of the global pandemic, Kent H. Moore understood that COVID would hit California. So early on he planned accordingly with his client, Precision Prep, Visalia’s premier meal prep company. Though having no case studies to read or ability to ask an industry practitioner who has dealt with a pandemic, he understood that to have his client stay ahead of the curve, relevant, and in business, while helping the community, an overall comprehensive campaign would need to be created that was inventive and adaptive in an uncertain time. From that the “Feeding the Community” Campaign was born.


The overall objective was to show that the business was still operating. While the strategy was to provide the community with support in each quarter of the year. Measurable objectives were tough to predict as the year was volatile and extremely uncertain. So, success would be measured by the previous year’s statistics.


Below are the strategies and tactics that I used.

  • Digital Brand Awareness (Q1 – Q4): Kent went from creating “3 – 4” to “5 – 8” pieces of daily social media content. From there, on a weekly basis, ten posts were strategically boosted, $20 a week, $2 a post, to the primary target audience for 24 to 48 hours before the weekly online orders were due.
  • Free Delivery (Q1, Q3): When California went on “Stay-at-Home” orders, Kent offered, in real-time through social media posts, email newsletter, and website, customers free delivery on all orders.
  • Feeding the Frontline (Q1 – Q2): On National Doctor’s Day, the “Feeding the Frontline” Initiative was launched. By donating $9 people were able to buy a meal for a frontline/essential worker. For every donation Precision Prep would match that with a meal. By creating social media content, an email newsletter, a landing page on the company website, and asking online brand advocates to share a post about it, Kent was able to quickly raise awareness in the community. For 7 weeks, Kent oversaw the logistics and managing transporting of, on average, 160+ meals to different facilities. Kent also pitched the two biggest local news outlets in the county, the Visalia Times-Delta, and the Porterville Recorder.
  • Online Workshops (Q3 – Q4): Started live streaming cooking workshops on Facebook for people to participate in from home. Every Thursday at 5:30 and 6:30pm a live cooking show for grownups and kids. Kent promoted the live streams through social media and produced the live shows each week.
  • Kindness Promotion (Q4): Offered customers either 15% off their entire meal prep order or by clicking a button at the checkout page, whatever the customer’s total was, Precision Prep would donate 15% of that amount to a local non-profit that helps people with food disparities.

Below were the final results.

Sales increased by 41% from the previous year. While both website traffic saw a 26% increase and the online conversion rate saw a 32% increase from the previous year. Free delivery offer saw 50 – 60 customers use it weekly. Precision Prep was the first company in the city to offer it.

People donated over $5,000 to the Feeding the Frontline Initiative, which helped make over 1,100 meals that were donated to 19 different facilities (hospitals, nursing homes, grocery stores, pharmacies). While the social media post about the launch of the initiative reached 10,245 people. The newspaper articles about the initiative at the Visalia Times-Delta generated a reach of 34,600 people and at the Porterville Recorder a reach of 23,000 people.

The online workshops saw 33 live streams produced to the company’s Facebook page with an average of 8 – 12 people watching weekly. The kindness promotion raised $375, which will feed 7 families for a month and buy 800lbs of fresh produce for a local non-profit food pantry.

It is clear that the campaign was more than successful at achieving the main objective. The client even hired 2 new employees. Overall, this campaign, with no industry blueprint, was groundbreaking because it implemented inventive and adaptive strategies and tactics in a very uncertain time.


This campaign won awards in 2021.

    • Public Relations Society of America “Image Awards” – Award of Excellence: Campaign of the Year
    • Public Relations Society of America “Image Awards” – Award of Excellence: Community Relations
    • Public Relations Society of America “Image Awards” – Award of Excellence: Social Media
    • Public Relations Society of America “Image Awards” – Award of Merit: Reputation