• Client – Precision Prep
  • Industry – Meal Prep / B2C
  • Date – 2021

Having a successful 2021, I needed the final month of 2021 to push my client’s sales. The previous 11 months had seen record-breaking sales, December needed a heavy marketing push if his client was going to see a record-breaking year. The issue was that December is the slowest month for the client when it comes to online engagement and sales. I came up with an idea to give away a limited amount of discount codes from 15% to 50% in the last week of December, with the final day announcing the 2022 January campaign. The concept would be that the codes would be posted at random times in the afternoon, and they were first come first served.


The timeline was the last three weeks of December 2021. The target audience was people who like the client’s social media accounts and their friends within a 30-mile radius of Visalia, which was researched and tested the year before and found successful results. From there the goals were to;

    • Build brand awareness around the giveaway.
    • Increase sales of meals for the month.

From there my measurable objectives were;

    • Reach 2,500 people online about the giveaway.
    • Have sales increase by 10% from the previous December.

Below are the strategies and tactics that I used.

    • Social Media Marketing: Strategically created eye-catching content on Facebook and Instagram. Both in post and story form. Also had the client go live on their Facebook to speak directly to customers about the giveaway.
    • Social Media Ad Buying: On a weekly basis, 5 posts were strategically spread out and boosted throughout the week. One-half of the ad budget went to other content, while $25 a week, $6.25 a post, went to the target audience showcasing the giveaway.
    • Influencer Marketing: Had the client, who is influential in the community, post content on their Facebook account that promoted the giveaway.
    • Email Marketing: Designed and wrote an email about the giveaway. It went to 700+ email subscribers.
    • Word-Of-Mouth Marketing: Had the worker at the brick-and-mortar store tell customers, who pick up their meals, in person about the giveaway.

Below were the final results.

Because of this campaign, December saw a 62.24%+ increase from the previous year. That is a 522.4%+ increase from the original measurable objective. This helped the overall 2021 sales year for the client see a 45.5%+ increase from the previous year. Digital reach saw a 95.52%+ increase from the original measurable objective with a reach of 4,888 people online. The client was so pleased with the results as it was the first busy December in years. This final 2021 marketing push helped the client make the decision in taking the next step with her business as she is currently looking at hiring two new employees.