• Employer – U.S. Army Central California Recruiting Battalion
  • Industry – Military
  • Date – 2023

As the Digital & Social Media Marketing Manager for the U.S. Army’s Central California Recruiting Battalion, it was my job to attend large events that recruiters would be attending. During 2023 Army recruiters attended the San Francisco Giant’s Fan Fest, San Francisco Chinese New Year, and the Pismo Beach Car Show.


Because of that, my goals were to;

  • Create social media content by taking photos at each large event.

Below are the tactics that were used.

  • Event Photography: I took multiple photos during the event to be used both for social media posts and marketing content for the battalion.
  • Social Media Content Creation: I created social media posts promoting the events after the fact on the battalion’s social media accounts.

Below were the final results.

Overall each event was considered successful with brand awareness within the battalion’s footprint and I was able to create more than enough content for the battalion’s social media accounts.