• Client – Level 7 Fitness
  • Industry – Fitness
  • Date – 2019

Level 7 Fitness is a gym located in Clovis, California that is tailored to people looking to take their fitness to the next level. Owner Vincent Houle planned to celebrate his second year in business with a charity boot camp and blood drive for the local children’s hospital Valley Children’s Healthcare and the Central California Blood Center. This video project was part of the overall campaign.


Since this tactic was video-based the goals were to;

    • Reach people interested in both fitness and giving to charity 10 miles around the gym.
    • To have people take the call-to-action and visit the event website page.

From there my measurable objectives were;

    • Reach over 2,500 people through social media video content.
    • Have over 300 people visit the event website page.

Below are the strategies and tactics that I used.

    • Video Creation & Editing: I created 14 different videos for both before and after the event. The first 12 videos were short, fun, and showed the owner’s personality. The idea was to be a series of reminders leading up to the event. The 13th video was a funny bloopers reel of the first 12 videos that people could enjoy. The final and 14th video was of the owner getting his long hair cut for charity as the event raised $2,000.

Below were the final results.

    • Total Reach: 3,118
    • Web Clicks: 392

Overall the client was very happy. The online reach saw a 24.72%+ increase from the original measurable objective. While website clicks saw a 23.47%+ increase from the original measurable objective.


This project won an award in 2020.

    • Public Relations Society of America “Image Awards” – Award of Merit: Video