• Employer – U.S. Army Central California Recruiting Battalion
  • Industry – Military
  • Date – 2023/2024

As the Digital & Social Media Marketing Manager for the U.S. Army’s Central California Recruiting Battalion, it’s my job to oversee social media and marketing initiatives for 6 different Army companies that stretch out over 48,000+ square miles.


When a recruiting company reaches out for marketing support, my goal is to;

  • Build social media content for Facebook, Instagram, and Instagram Stories.
  • Create marketing flyers, banners, materials, digital ads, and social media ads.

Below are the tactics that were used.

  • Marketing Material Creation: Developed compelling marketing materials, including brochures, flyers, pop-up banners, and posters to effectively promote upcoming events that recruiters would be attending.
  • Social Media Content Creation: Produced engaging and relevant social media content, including posts, videos, and visuals, to effectively promote upcoming events that recruits would be attending.

Below were the final results.

By crafting top-tier marketing content that resonates universally online. This effort was given praise from esteemed company commanders to the battalion commander, demonstrating my ability to connect and engage with the target audience.