• Client – Precision Prep
  • Industry – Meal Prep / B2C
  • Date – 2021

Coming off a successful 2020, I needed to figure out how to make the overall 2021 campaign even better for his client. I then started researching and organizing the client’s past 5 years of data analytics on their website. A hidden pattern was uncovered within the 5 years of data analytics research I found in December of 2020. The research found the exact months when the slow and busy season started. This gave me a way to make more efficient decisions for the client’s 2021 marketing communications campaign. 


The timeline for the campaign was from January to December of 2021. The target audience was people who like the client’s social media accounts and their friends within a 30-mile radius of Visalia, which was researched and tested the year before and found successful results. From the research and the hidden pattern found in the research, the client wanted to;

    • See sales increase from the previous year.
    • See sales increase in the slow months that saw lower sales.

From there my measurable objectives were;

    • Increase sales front the previous year by at least 25%.
    • Increase the sales average from the slow months that saw lower sales by 10%.

Below were the strategies and tactics that varied in each quarter of 2021.

    • Social Media Marketing: (Q1-4) Strategically created content to boost sales and, during slower months, content that promoted campaigns. For example, created a campaign showcasing new menu items that were TikTok “Inspired” by TikTok creator’s recipes that went viral on the app. Also, a campaign called the “Countdown to the New Year” Deal. It offered a limited amount of discount codes at the end of the year.
    • Social Media Ad Buying: (Q1-4) On a weekly basis, 10 posts were strategically spread out and boosted, $50 a week, $5 to $6.25 a post, to the target audience, for 24 hours before weekly orders were due.
    • Influencer Marketing: (Q1-4) Had the client and local chamber of commerce, both influential in the community, post content on their social media accounts that promoted items on the menu.
    • Omnichannel Marketing: (Q3) Built a campaign showcasing the “new” ordering system website that streamlined the buyer’s experience through a seamless omnichannel experience.
    • Email Marketing: (Q1) Completely rebuilt the client’s email newsletter that was more fluid and easy to use for the over 700+ email subscribers.
    • Media Relations: (Q3) Set up an interview for the client with “Enjoy”, a local magazine. That highlighted the client’s non-profit work during COVID lockdown. The magazine has a local reach of 60,000+ print readers and a website that sees 25,000+ impressions monthly.
    • Brand Management: (Q2) Wrote an award application that won the client a “Loyal to Local ” business award from the local chamber of commerce, for client’s non-profit work during COVID lockdown.

Below were the final results.

Sales in total saw a 45.5%+ increase from 2020. A 20%+ increase from the original measurable objective. Sales in the slower months saw an average of a 36.68%+ increase from 2020. A 266.8%+ increase from the original measurable objective. The overall campaign was so successful that the client is looking to hire 2 new employees to help grow her business. This was a direct result of finding a hidden pattern within the past 5 years of the client’s data analytics research that Kent found. Which helped Kent make more quick and efficient business decisions that gained his client a competitive edge.