• Client – Tequila Gran Diamante
  • Industry – Liquor / B2C
  • Date – 2020

Brand Ambassador (Small Agency) and ONEEYEDsocial (Consultant) were in charge of Tequila Gran Diamante’s, an ultra-premium luxury sipping tequila, 2020 holiday online brand awareness campaign. The overall idea of the campaign was to push heavy brand awareness to tequila drinkers in California cities.


The target audience were people between the ages of 25 to 55, who loved tequila, had high income, and were within the top four areas of California, which were the Bay Area, Sacramento area, Los Angeles area, and San Diego area. After doing primary research ONEEYEDsocial found on the backend of Facebook and Google, each area with that target audience averaged a minimum of 65,000+ people and also researched two dozen strategic keywords to be used in Google Ads within each of the areas. The campaign was strategically split between the four areas and a timeline of 15 days total, strategically split, around Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. From there the goals were to;

    • Create brand awareness with the target audience.
    • Build engagement with the target audience.

From there my measurable objectives were;

    • Increase the company’s social media engagement by 50% from the previous year.
    • Increase the company’s digital brand reach by 100% from the previous year.
    • Increase the company’s digital brand impressions by 100% from the previous year.

Below are the strategies and tactics that I used.

    • Photoshoot / Content Creation: The Brand Ambassador team worked with both a photographer and top tier models in the Los Angeles area to create a photoshoot with the models and the client’s tequila bottles. This created high-end photos that were used for paid social media marketing and for the client to use organically on their social media accounts when needed.
    • Social Media Ad Buying: From the photos created the Brand Ambassador team and ONEEYEDsocial worked on verbiage for the social media marketing ads on both Facebook and Instagram. Once photos and text were finalized, ONEEYEDsocial set up the ads on the backend to the target audience.
    • Google AdWords: From the general text that was finalized, ONEEYEDsocial set up Google AdWords using the research of two dozen keywords.

Below were the final results.

    • Social media engagement saw a 316.53% increase from the previous year.
    • Digital brand reach saw an 843.26% increase from the previous year.
    • Digital brand impressions saw an 838.49% increase from the previous year.

The online engagement saw a 316.53%+ increase from the original measurable objective. While reach saw an 843.26%+ increase from the original measurable objective. Impressions saw an 838.49%+ increase from the original measurable objective. In this 15 day campaign, the team was able to surpass the measurable objectives and the client was extremely happy with the outcome. While this was a short campaign, it shows the amazingly effective ways that if you have the right team, budget, and target audience, any company can see success in their social and digital campaigns.


This campaign won an award in 2021.

    • Public Relations Society of America “Image Awards” – Award of Merit: Social Media