• Client – Attorney Ralph Kaelble / District Attorney Race
  • Industry – Political
  • Date – 2014

The 2014 June election brought one of the biggest district attorney races Tulare County has seen in many years. The incumbent Tim Ward was fighting to keep his position against defense lawyer and newcomer to the political race Ralph F. Kaelble.


Tulare County is still very traditional when it comes to politics and Since Mr. Kaelble was new to the Tulare County political scene the biggest objective was to introduce him to as many people, both from events, traditional marketing. Supporting the DMI Agency team at the time on this project, my challenge was to help his online presence gain traction in a county where social media is not mainstream.


Below are the strategies and tactics that I used.

    • Social Media Marketing: Helped create Facebook content for 6 months.  As election night came closer, I was given full access to create more content on a daily basis.
    • Social Media Ad Buying: Geo-targeted voters with social media ads in different parties, age groups, and what types of campaigns they supported.
    • Video Editing: Created and edited up interviews and debate videos into small pieces of content to share on Facebook.
    • Online Monitoring: Monitored for content about the client and the opposition, for both positive and negative news on mainstream media and social media sites.

Below were the final results.

    • Engagement: 22,887
    • Total Reach: 276,735
    • Total Impressions: 733,940
    • Web Clicks: 46,662

While the client didn’t win the election, we did win the online presence overall with the results above.