• Client – Showcase Events Inc. (Visalia Home Show)
  • Industry – Live Event / Home goods
  • Date – 2014 / 2015

A bi-annual home show that showcases 250+ exhibits that give people a place to get great ideas and quotes for remodeling and redecorating every room of the house – inside and out. It was their first time having someone manage their social media accounts. I worked on four of the events in a two-year period. One event was held in September called Visalia Home Expo. While the other was held in February called Visalia Springfest. The target audience on social media was people who live in the Visalia area plus 25 miles around the city, who own a home.


After talking with the client about the target audience and what they want, my goals were to;

    • Gain brand awareness in and around Visalia.
    • Reach the target audience on social media.
    • Build engagement with the target audience online.

From there my measurable objectives were;

    • Reach 25,000 people within the target audience.
    • 2,500 people click on social media ads to come to the event website.
    • Engage with 1,500 people within the target audience online.

Below are the strategies and tactics that I used.

    • Social Media Marketing: Created eye-catching content on Facebook about various vendors who would be attending the event.
    • Social Media Ad Buying: Created Facebook ads that were strategically boosted weeks before each event to the target audience.
    • Online Contest: Created a “like this post” giveaway during each show in which one random person who liked the post would win a $100 gift card from the local mall.
    • Real-Time Marketing: Created Facebook content in real-time at each event. This included photos and reminders of workshops at the event.

Below were the final results of each expo show that I worked on.

2014 SpringFest

  • Engagement: 2,612
  • Total Reach: 62,936
  • Web Clicks: 4,245

2014 HomeExpo

  • Engagement: 3,439
  • Total Reach: 64,028
  • Web Clicks: 4,362

2015 SpringFest

  • Engagement: 3,609
  • Total Reach: 97,950
  • Web Clicks: 4,681

2015 HomeExpo

  • Engagement: 4,913
  • Total Reach: 98,108
  • Web Clicks: 5,630

Overall the client was very happy. Online engagement for SpringFest saw a 38.17%+ increase from the previous year. While HomeExpo saw a 42.86%+ increase. When it comes to online reach, SpringFest saw a 55.63%+ increase from the previous year. While HomeExpo saw a 53.23%+ increase. Online web clicks for SpringFest saw a 10.27%+ increase from the previous year. While HomeExpo saw a 29.07%+ increase.